‘The Clarity’ explains that the religion of God has always remained the same throughout time; every prophet, and every Divine Book has delivered the same Message.
As Allah has bound everything in a system, the successful functioning of these systems is a praise in itself that what He has created, and put on work is perfect, superb, and flawless.
This chapter will explain with the help of science how communication between Allah and mankind takes place. To keep mankind connected with Him, Allah has devised a perfect system of communication.
Having understood religion and peace in previous chapters we now move on to understand how important coherence amongst all systems of the universe is.
Faith or belief is the basic requirement of a religion. Religion cannot be effective unless its recipient is convinced that the information, he/she is receiving, is from a Reliable Source, its content is true, and the medium through which it has reached him/her, is trustworthy.
There are five fundamental beliefs which develop a healthy/positive and peaceful personality.