Chapter 1 - The Clarity
Religion is not just the completion of certain rites and rituals or the fulfilment of certain worships; it is a complete package that makes human survival as a species possible.
Every existence has been given a specific program or a guide from which it cannot deviate.
This chapter will explain with the help of science how communication between Allah and mankind takes place. To keep mankind connected with Him, Allah has devised a perfect system of communication.
The coordination among all systems assures smooth [peaceful] functioning of all affairs of the universe and a little disturbance in one may cause chaos and disorder in other systems.
Faith or belief is the basic requirement of a religion. Religion cannot be effective unless its recipient is convinced that the information, he/she is receiving, is from a Reliable Source, its content is true, and the medium through which it has reached him/her, is trustworthy.
Traits developed by these beliefs are unique and are impossible to create by any other means. A disbeliever, therefore, is always devoid of all these traits.
True believers of all messengers, from Noah (PBUH), Abraham (PBUH), Mosses (PBUH), and Jesus (PBUH), to Muhammad (PBUH) are one community.
Chapter 8 - The clarity
Allah is undetectable to human senses; this does not mean that He does not exist.
And He placed at your service whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth - all is from Him. In that are signs for a people who think (45: 13)
Those who misunderstand the might of Allah assume their inventions are extraordinary, but they are as breakable as the web of a spider. Their fragility and inefficacy can easily be seen during earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, floods, and pandemics.
Humans, from the beginning of their origination, are aware of the presence of Allah. The awareness about Allah is in the genes of humans.
Deflection from the Main Guiding Source not only puts one’s own life in trouble, but it spoils the whole society by introducing misguiding directions of life.
The declaration of the pledge of obedience is important because it puts a responsibility on the declarant to behave accordingly.
Chapter 14
Living in a group or community is not a hotchpotch of activities, but it requires an organized way, consisting of rules and regulations, that could bring coherence to moment-to-moment activities.
Chapter 15 - The Clarity
And it is He (Allah) Who, from fluid, created the human being. Then He made relationships through marriage and mating. Your Rubb is Omnipotent (25: 54)
Chapter 16 - The Clarity
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